Our Past Fuels our Future

Pete Pistorius

Pete PistoriusInvolved in the farming operation since childhood, Pete Pistorius holds the primary leadership role in the operation. His main goal is to merge modern technology with traditional farming, while maintaining a strong presence within the community. In his role, Pete handles all grain marketing, input purchases and crop planning.

Pete’s extensive background keeps him on the forefront of agricultural issues, as well as new trends and technologies. In 2000, Pete completed the Illinois Soybean Association’s SoyLeader Program and was later selected for the 2002 class of the Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program. In 2005, he successfully completed the Syngenta Leadership at Its Best program. He then was chosen for the Prairie Farmer Cultivating Master Farmers Program in 2007.

Most recently, Pete completed his first year of The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers and he currently serves on the Illinois Agricultural Leadership Foundation Board. Within the community, Pete is a Blue Mound Fire Department trustee, a member of the Warren Park board and Macon County Farm Bureau, chairman of the First Christian Church Administration team, and chair of the Meridian Ag Boosters group.

The anchor at home, Pete’s wife Megan cares for their children Emma, Isabel, Olivia and William. A true steward in the community, she holds several leadership positions with the Meridian Parent/Teacher Organization, serves as chairperson for Blue Mound Fall Festival events and, along with the rest of the family, is an active member of the First Christian Church of Decatur.

Pete can be reached at (217) 433-3752 or via email at pete@pistoriusfarms.com.